Whidbey Island Kite Fliers was formed in May of 2000 by a small group of fliers from Whidbey Island and Bellingham
who wanted to meet to have fun flying together, as well as teach others to fly kites.

We decided to form a club with activities for kite fliers and the local community. Our goal is to further kite flying and
kite making enjoyment for our members, as well as the general public. We have a “Fun Fly” every month so we can all
meet and, hopefully, attract others to fly with us. This event is usually held the third Saturday of each month at
Fort Casey, but we have been invited to fly at other locations also. These events have attracted many others who wanted
to fly and who have joined WIKF.

Some of our members create and fly single-line kite displays while other fly sport kites for fun or competition. A few even
do both. Some of the activities the club has participated in are decorating the libraries on the island and in surrounding
communities during Kite Month, teaching kids kite making classes at various events, and even a banner making class for
our members.

In September 2000, WIKF took over the largest kite event on Whidbey Island the Whidbey Island Kite Festival Sport Kite
Championship. This event has brought people from all over the island, as well as Seattle, Bellingham, Canada, Portland,
and the coast to watch kites color the sky over Camp Casey with the Olympic mountains in the background to the
Straits of Juan de Fuca. This event is now handled by the Whidbey Island Kite Festival Association with the members of
Whidbey Island Kite Fliers providing the manpower.

Club officers are


Donna Lytle,  President
Terry Volkman,  Vice President
Carol Ley,  Past President
Lisa Root,  Secretary Treasurer